The Making of Sali Cosmetics

Love for feminine elegance, beauty and cosmetics.

Sali Khalil founded Sali Cosmetics in 2014 and started her entrepreneurial venture with her natural lashes line Sali Lashes.

For the past 16 yearsSali worked as a makeup artist with prestigious brands such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, Guerlain, and Christian Dior. While enjoying working with high-end luxury brands, she gained extensive experience and a unique insight into the needs of the beauty industry. She also established recognition as a makeup consultant for her unique input on chic makeup styles.

Sali’s passion for creating beautiful makeup looks for her clients always felt incomplete, due to the poor quality of eyelashes available on the market. She also noticed that most of her fellow makeup artists were investing in low-quality eyelashes. Her dissatisfaction with the quality of eyelashes available in the market which are mostly synthetic or a mix of synthetic and natural hair, Sali recognized the markets need for high quality 100% natural eyelashes.

Sali LashesSali began researching the science behind eyelash applications, the hair quality, lash material, the style effects of different cuts and design.
Her mission is to design gorgeous superior quality eyelashes for women to wear on any occasion. While taking into consideration, wearability, comfort, feel, and of course without breaking the bank!

With her mission in mind, Sali designed and developed her own brand Sali Lashes a premium handcrafted natural hair eyelashes. Sali’s eyelash line immediately showed incredible results and interest, when she started trying Sali Lashes designs on her friends, family members and a couple of her regular clients.

Sali’s first eyelash product “Sahara” surpassed her expectations with better results than conventional mascara and other eyelash products on the market. “Sahara” thrilled her luxury customers and even found it to be a better alternative to eyelash extensions.

Since the launch of “Sahara” in 2014, Sali has expanded the Sali Lashes line to include 18 different eyelash styles including natural hair, 3D lashes, and Mink Lashes. Each eyelash style was meticulously handcrafted and designed to match different sought out eye looks to match the occasion.

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, and as such, quality and comfort!

Whether you seek to look bodacious, elegant or perhaps more subtle look for business casual. Sali Lashes style verity gives you the option between cat eye, open eye, natural or doll eye. Sali’s vision is to allow every woman to feel elegant and experience a prestigious way of looking naturally gorgeous.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes

Eyelashes for Everyone

Makeup lovers will agree that a beautiful look is not complete without a pair of Sali Lashes!

So go ahead add glam and accentuate your eyes shop SaliLashes.

Easy, affordable and accessible!

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Sali will pursue her love of makeup so keep an eye out for our upcoming products!