Elegance and class are part of the core values at Sali Cosmetics, while some believe that the art of being elegant is lost. At Sali Cosmetics, we like to think that we can keep that beautiful femininity alive. Being elegant is a quality of style, grace, beautiful simplicity, taste, or refinement. Sali’s love affair for class and elegance began in Paris where that chic French style ignited her aspiration for cosmetics and fashion.

 Fashion icon Coco Chanel famously said, Elegance is refusal.


Sali’s world of cosmetics and lashes draw endless inspiration from her surroundings and luxury brands to reflect a unique creative touch of sophistication.

Sali Lashes and future cosmetic line aim transcend a profound elegance, balance, and beauty to women around the globe. Starting with an eyelash line ranging from subtle to daring styles that captures the eyes true radiance and reflect their true beauty.

Applying elegance to your make up looks does not necessarily mean a barely-there look,

a well put together makeup look with the right pair of lashes will still be elegant and classy it’s all about having the ingredients and the right amount of makeup on.

Being an elegant woman during the 21st century should not be a challenge since it defines women power and Standing tall shows confidence.

Have signature pieces that make a statement of class and elegance.

Practice your makeup looks that show off your best features that you can combine with your favourite pair of Sali Lashes.

EXAMPLE OF Makeup and Lashes

  • So classy Sali Lashes combined with natural yet subtle makeup.


Being elegant is all about finding what works for you in makeup looks and fashion statement. But do keep in mind that standing tall, being poised and when sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Last but not least, do not forget what Audry Hepburn said: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”