Caring for your own eyelashes

Healthy lashes and eye health starts with the removal of your makeup as part of your daily beauty routine. I know we all know that, however, I’m sure we all have been guilty of passing out on our beds after a night out with the girls.

“As we mentioned in our how to care for your Sali Lashes article, then you know you have to remove them to care for them”

Ok so we got removing your makeup out of the way, now let’s get more specific on removing your mascara. Sali Khalil, founder of Sali Cosmetics being a beauty expert recommends the following:

Start by washing your eyes with lukewarm water while gently rubbing off the mascara using your fingers as this will help prevent excess rubbing with a cotton pad. Then with a gentle eye makeup remover remove the mascara residues. If your mascara is waterproof use an oil-based eye makeup remover.

And for those that like Natural products you can use coconut oil, you can also use it as a natural moisturizer. However, if you have oily skin make sure to wash it off since it can cause your skin to break out, and we don’t want that to happen. We also recommend using organic coconut oil the ensure purity.

Now your lashes have been through a rough deal of rubbing, layers of mascara, and curling so same as your skin let’s keep them nicely hydrated.

How to keep your eyelashes moisturized? well, you can use organic coconut oil or organic castor oil.
Here is a tip keep an old mascara wand and an old eyeliner wand and make sure to clean all makeup off the wand properly.

Use the eyeliner wand to apply a thin layer at the base of your lashes with your choice of moisturizer same way you apply eyeliner. Now don’t make a winged eyeliner! It’s just for moisturizing. And with your mascara wand apply a thin layer to your lashes.

By following this eyelash beauty routine, you will make sure to have lavish, lush lashes. Why is it important to do this? Ok, let’s not forget all that curling, mascara layering, rubbing, and falsies application. Well, it turns out these are not the only reasons!

Your eyelashes are let’s face it they are HAIR, and they have a life cycle meaning they are actively growing, and their life cycle is typically 6 to 8 weeks.
So your lashes reach their maximum length towards the end of the cycle and to prolong that period you need to take care of them.


  • Eyelash extensions are glued to your lashes one by one which is highly damaging.
  • Waterproof mascara, the chemical makeup of waterproof mascaras dries your lashes.