Sali Lashes Made with elegance and love of beauty

Different falsies for every eyelash makeup look from natural to dramatic. Sali Lashes offers a wide range of eyelash selections, from wispy falsies that subtly open up your eyes to sets that show off the intensity of your eyes. Fake lashes will complete your makeup look whether it is for every day, a night out in the town, or a special occasion.


Natural look eyelashes 

For a classic natural eyelash look that blends perfectly with your eyelashes, you can wear Charming, Eye candy, Velvet lash, or La Perla. Still natural but with more definition go with the Rebellious. The So classy eyelash set will give you glam yet subtle natural beauty. Don’t worry we thought of everything we also have your handy individual fillers if you have lash sparseness. 

Cat eye look 

Are you planning on wearing a vintage makeup look with nicely winged eyeliner?  Then flared lashes in the outer corner are the perfect set Sahara for a Fancy night-out look Or Eye candy.
Now if you are aiming for dramatic, well Teaser and Prestigious are sure to intensify your eyes.

Open eye look

Step up your evening makeup and give your lashes a soft barely-there look that is thick at the roots and curled at the ends with Butterfly Kiss eyelash set or  La Perla.

Doll eye look 

Sali Lashes are incredibly feminine and will look remarkable even without any eyeshadow, and they are perfect for a no-makeup makeup look. Flawless, Dreamer and Sophisticated are guaranteed to make your eyes, POP!  So Classy to create the illusion of fluffiness and Envious, Hypnotic and Sassy Chic gives depth to the eyes when worn with eyeshadow.

Dramatic Look

When natural isn’t what you’re going for and glamour red carpet makeup is what you are going for then your eyelashes’ best friends are  Glamorous, Fearless, and Prestigious their density will give your lashes major drama. Let’s not forget a nice bold Chic Lash pair of falsies.

The Glam of Mink eyelash falsies

Sali Lashes Cruelty-free Mink Lashes, make it possible to enhance picture-perfect thick, lush lashes. Mink Lashes certainly have their perks they come in a range of styles from curly lashes to lift and improve the curve of your top lid to fluttery, multi-layered lashes to open the eye with a mix of long lashes.