To keep your Sali Lashes in good condition and wear them up to 20 times. One of the most important things to do is: to properly take care of them.

Therefore, proper care and storage will guaranty more extended use, and beautiful eyelashes every time.

So here are the steps to follow:

  • Before applying Sali Lashes.

    • Make sure to complete your make up look in order not to have fallout on your eyelashes and falsies.
    • Curl your lashes with a good eyelash curler
    • Apply your choice of mascara

  • Applying Salilashes

    • With a pair of tweezers take the corner tip of the eyelash band and gently remove from the holder
    • Gently remove excess glue from eyelash band
    • Hold each tip of the eyelash band and gently roll to get the eyelash band malleable
    • Position the lashes over your eyelid to measure the length
    • With small tipped scissors trim off the excess from the outer longer lashes corner to have a nice natural fit
    • Use your favourite eyelash glue; we recommend DUO
    • Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the eyelash band
    • Apply a second layer concentrating on the falsies tips to make sure they stay in place once applied
    • Wait for 10 sec until the glue’s texture becomes tacky
    • Apply your Salilashes to the eyelid and adjust.

Tip when applying your falsies it is best to tilt your head while looking in the mirror and do not apply mascara over your falsies.

  • Removing your falsies

    • Take the corner tip and gently remove from the eyelid
    • Hold the falsies and gently remove excess glue. If you are uncomfortable doing this, then skip
    • Place back eyelashes in your Sali Lashes lash holder the same way they were before application.

Placing the lashes back in their box correctly will ensure that you keep an excellent curved shape of your falsies.