Sali Lashes Made with elegance and love of beauty

Different falsies for every eyelash makeup look from natural to dramatic. Sali Lashes offers a wide range of eyelash selections, from wispy falsies that subtly open up your eyes to sets that show off the intensity of your eyes. Fake lashes will complete your makeup look whether it is for every day, a night out […]

How to care for your Sali Lashes

.One of the most important things to do to keep your Sali Cosmetics Lashes in good condition is to properly take care of them. Proper care and storage will allow for extended use, and the ability to wear the eyelashes up to 20 times and to have beautiful eyelashes every time. So here are the steps to follow: Before […]

Caring for your own eyelashes

Healthy lashes and eye health starts with the removal of your makeup as part of your daily beauty routine. I know we all know that, however, I’m sure we all have been guilty of passing out on our beds after a night out with the girls. “As we mentioned in our how to care for […]

How to be Elegant

Elegance and class are part of the core values at Sali Cosmetics, while some believe that the art of being elegant is lost. At Sali Cosmetics, we like to think that we can keep that beautiful femininity alive. Being elegant is a quality of style, grace, beautiful simplicity, taste, or refinement. Sali’s love affair for […]